Why Does Galilee-Griggs Exist?
Jesus established the church in order for the church to represent His Kingdom on planet earth. The church's primary role is to be ambassadors of Christ's Kingdom. Although the church and the Kingdom are not synony-mous, they are interrelated and interdependent.

The church is a colony of the Kingdom of heaven on earth, assigned with the responsibility to preach the Kingdom of God throughout all the earth (Matthew 24:14). Jesus gave the keys of the Kingdom to the church so that the church would be vested with the authority to take the mission, message, ministry, and mandate of Jesus into all the world.

A Kingdom movement of churches can cooperatively fulfill the assignment that Jesus gave to the church to advance His Kingdom to the ends of the earth, far bet-ter than any one church can do separately.

Disciple-making is the primary agenda of God's King-dom. The only legitimate purpose for an Association of Churches to exist is so that we can do more together than we could separately to advance God's Kingdom agenda.

The Galilee-Griggs Association is here to provide an avenue for the local churches to accomplish the assignment Jesus gave to the church. We exist to offer areas of support and growth like corporate mission's opportunities, leadership training, discipling, mentoring in various aspects of church life, spiritual development, biblically-based Kingdom justice ministry, practical ministry enhancements, church-planting partnerships and more.
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