Benefits of Belonging to The Galilee Griggs Kingdom Family

  • The blessing of belonging to a Kingdom brotherhood and sisterhood that provides all the benefits and require the responsibilities that are a part of belonging to a family (Psalm 133:1). Associations provide fellowships for churches who desire fellowship.
  • The privilege of being able to access some meaningful, relevant, dynamic, and insightful disciple training opportunities within the context of family relationships.
  • The privilege of being able to receive and give ministry to others within a familiar relational context.
  • Engage in opportunities to participate in local, regional, national, and international missions' projects within a familiar relational context.
  • Once we secure the group tax exemption, member churches will have the legal protection and status of all charitable gifts of the church congregation being tax deductible because of membership in Galilee Griggs.
  • Partner with Texas Baptist Men and other mission partners for disaster relief and benevolent work.
  • Upon request provide support services to churches seeking counsel while the church is searching for a pastor, in need of conflict resolution, or engaged in doctrinal disputes.
  • To be able to receive consultation on best practices in local church ministry upon request.
  • To have highly successful and seasoned senior pastors available to mentor younger and less experienced pastors upon request.
  • To receive encouragement, counsel, and potentially financial support for churches seeking support for qualified church planters.